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South Jersey Geriatric
Mental Health Counseling and Care

Our Mission
South Jersey Geriatric Care, P.C. is committed to satisfying emotional, safety, and family needs through mental health counseling and care management.

Mental Health Counseling
We provide in-office or Telehealth counseling sessions to adult and geriatric clients, as well as to family caregivers. Counseling sessions for geriatric adults address the physical, emotional, and social changes brought on by age, illness, and retirement.

Counseling sessions for caregivers add structure to the changing role of caregivers as they care for loved ones, reduce the stress of caregiving, and address the grief and anxiety experienced by caregivers.

Geriatric Care Management Services
A Geriatric Care Manager is a geriatric social worker who helps seniors and their caregivers to understand what level of care is needed, and helps the senior to obtain that level of care.

Aging Life Care Association
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