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Mental Health Counseling

We provide in-office or Telehealth counseling to adult and geriatric clients,
as well as to family caregivers.  

Counseling for the elderly client to address:

  • Changes brought on by illness and a loss of independence.

  • Depression, or a lack of purpose after retirement, a move, or the loss of a partner.

  • Anxiety, life-long as well as the natural effects of physical or cognitive limits, lifestyle changes, and changing family dynamics.

  • Grief following lifestyle changes, the loss of a loved-one, or a life-limiting diagnosis.

Reasons why seniors may need mental health counseling:

  • A significant life change due to illness or age.

  • Difficulty navigating life choices after suffering a decline.

  • Normal life has become restricted as a result of physical or cognitive changes.

  • A struggle with daily activities, and fear that changes must be made to accommodate goals and abilities

South Jersey Geriatric Care help senior clients adjust.

Through counseling, we can help seniors understand their needs and wants, address anxiety in the face of new and developing limits, highlight abilities to keep in place the parts of their lives that mean the most to them. We can help clients to work toward realistic goals and to navigate options with purpose and hope.



Counseling for family caregivers to address:

  • The challenges of caring for a loved one who suffers cognitive and/or physical limits.

  • An understanding of dementia and ways to set realistic functioning goals for loved-ones.

  • Changing family roles.

  • Differing views among family caregivers.

  • Balancing caregiving with personal and professional obligations.

  • Effective caregiving while honoring the wishes of your loved one.

  • Grief while losing a loved one, and following the death of your loved one.

Questions for caregivers who may need mental health counseling:

  • Are you seeking resources to accommodate your limits, or the limits of a loved-one?

  • Are you caring for an impaired loved one? 

  • Has your caregiver role impacted your lifestyle?

  • Are you having trouble addressing your own responsibilities as a result of caring for a loved one?

  • Are you balancing your life, your family’s needs, and the care needs of an elderly loved-one? 

  • Has your caregiving role replaced the role you previously enjoyed with your loved-one? Are you frustrated by caregiving for a loved-one who denies his/her limits? 

  • Have you set aside your goals and lifestyle in favor of addressing the needs of your loved-one? 

South Jersey Geriatric Care can help caregivers.

Through counseling, we can help you to understand your needs while address the frustration and exhaustion resulting from caregiving for your loved-one. Structural changes may be necessary while holding on to the relationship you and your loved-one cherish.  You may be experiencing changed or strained relationships. An understanding of the responsibilities within your previous role, and the added or conflicting responsibilities of your caregiver role, creates paths to a healthier and more functional caregiving role, one which allows a more personal relationship with your loved one.

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Lori A. Heberley LPC, CMC can be found on Psychology Today and

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